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Regardless if you are a novice or an experienced trader, on our website you can find helpful binary brokers reviews, binary options guides and news which can be a helping hand in your binary trading efforts.

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On our website, traders can find all the needed information regarding binary options trading in around the world and the brokers who offer their services to investors. We will provide you with the latest news and updates from the financial market, and give you some suggestions and tips which you can use.

By using the information you can find on our website you can become a great investor who uses all the advantages at their disposal to make a great profit. is dedicated to helping those who are looking to find reliable information and make their trading efforts worth.

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IN-DEPTH Binary Options Broker Reviews

If you’re looking for an online binary option broker, you’ll find that there are thousands of companies offering this service.
However, a very small fraction of these are actually legit businesses. Finding the right broker among this small fraction can be challenging. That’s why we do the heavy lifting for you. Our goal is simply to find legit binary options brokers and scam sites and list them on this site.

Each one is thoroughly reviewed and investigated before it ends up on this website. Each review is also constantly updated to ensure that all information you read here reflects what’s actually happening in the industry.

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Risk warking Brokers

It’s always important that you have caution when choosing the binary options broker you’ll invest your money with. Binary options trading is risky business and you’ll want to minimize losses. Governments across the world are doing a good job regulating major brokers and protecting traders. European countries in particular have imposed strict policies in a bid to crack down on fraudulent brokers. That’s why you’ll find majority of brokers reviewed on this site coming from European countries. You’ll also come across unregulated brokers who have built a solid reputation among traders across the globe.

Binaries trading is a trillion dollar business. It’s no secret that with such huge amounts at stake, scam businesses aren’t far away. The number of unregulated binary options brokers continues to rise every year. Although some might be well intentioned businesses looking to help traders, the vast majority are out to make big money by ripping off traders. This site is dedicated to giving you information about such brokers and helping you protect your hard earned money.

Our goal is therefore to find out which brokers are truly legit and presenting them to you. It’s however worth noting that investing your money with a legit broker doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll automatically make money trading binaries. Options trading is risky. Even successful traders lose money on trades many times.

binary option broker

However, investing your money with a scam broker will definitely lead to loss of your investment. Your first move should therefore involve finding a legit broker and avoiding scam companies. We make this easy for you by doing all the necessary research into specific brokers and listing the top businesses on this list. Compiling our top binary options brokers of 2017 list has involved meticulous research regarding how a broker operates, whether they’re regulated, financial instruments offered and trader feedback among others. The list is by no means exhaustive so we are always updating it with legit binary options brokers often.

Information about a specific broker is also updated often. The industry is constantly changing. A broker might be considered a good place to invest today but suddenly go under in a few months. A previously unregulated broker might finally be awarded a certificate by a leading authority such as CySEC or ASIC. A legit broker might be blacklisted by a regulator. This is the kind of information that traders need if they’re to avoid investing their money in the wrong places. We consider it our job to find such information and present it to you fast.

Besides losing money on unsuccessful trades, it’s also possible to lose money on a scam broker. Governments are moving swiftly to crack down on fraud brokers by creating strict policies. However, the industry is yet to be streamlined given that many brokers will offer their services to traders from different regions in the world. In addition, new brokers are coming up in a bid to win some market share. This means that as a trader, you’ll need to do some prior research into a specific broker before deciding to invest your money with them. We have taken upon ourselves the duty of doing all the research and presenting the necessary information on this site.

Majority of traders venture into binary options trading simply for the thrill of making boatloads of money within a short period of time. However, there are always the potential losses to be considered. A bad trade can wipe out your entire trading account. It’s therefore important that you consider using different account management strategies to minimize losses. It’s also good to diversify your trading portfolio by investing in different types of assets.

Looking for a credible binary options broker? Read through our 2017 list of top binary options brokers now and choose the one you want to invest with.

Guide to choosing an online binary option broker

Finding the right binaries broker could mean the difference between having a opportunity or watching your money go down the drain. We understand that every trader has their own needs and goals with regard to trading binaries. However, when choosing a broker, there are particular features that we believe you should look at.

Here, we strive to provide comprehensive comparisons among different brokers. Rather than simply provide a short review or rating, we provide detailed comparison charts that look at features like options available, effective returns, commissions and deductions, and website features among others.

Before selecting a binary options broker, here are some of the things you should consider.

Binary Option Broker’s reputation

There’s a continuing debate regarding whether reputation surpasses regulation. We believe that a broker’s reputation should be a more important requirement compared to being regulated. Regulation helps to protect traders. However, we’ve come across a handful of unregulated brokers offering excellent services. We’ve also come across many fully regulated brokers that aren’t trader-friendly. Before choosing a binary options broker, look at their track record and what traders actually say about them.

highest payout binary option brokersTimely payouts

Besides losing money to a scam binary options broker, nothing frustrates traders than having to wait over 10 business days to receive their earnings. Before selecting a specific broker, we recommend that you carefully read through their terms and FAQ pages. Also, read through trader reviews regarding payouts from specific brokers. This way, you’ll always know how long it will take for your withdrawals to be processed.

Still on payouts, you’ll also want to see whether the broker makes any deductions on your earnings. You’ll want to keep as much of your earnings as possible so finding a broker that doesn’t make any deductions will be necessary. In addition, go for brokers that offer different payment options.

Trade types available

Modern online binary options brokers offer the standard high/low trade type. As a trader, you might want to have access to more exotic trade types such as range or one touch which offer better returns and more control over your trades. This might require that you compare among dozens of brokers before sticking to the one you find best.

User friendliness
learn more about binary options trading

Having the right information plays a huge role on whether your binary options trading career will be successful or not. Many brokers will offer rich learning resources meant to help novice and experienced traders advance their trading careers. Before opening an account with a specific broker, we always recommend that you check out their learning resources.

Number of assets and trade expiry time

Diversifying your trading portfolio to include different asset types helps you to minimize risk. Most brokers will offer currency pairs and commodities. Others will offer indices and stocks. So before actually opening an account with any broker, you’ll want to take a look at how many and what types of tradable assets are available.

Commissions and effective returns

when it comes to Commissions and effective returns it can be a hard choose When comparing between brokers, after you have check whits broker fits all your criteria. I personally think its the best to go for the broker that offers the higher effective return, in combination whit a E-wallet like ‘Skrill” to minimize the commissions fees.

Contact and Support

Customer support is an important feature to look at when choosing an online broker. Other than having a support team ready to help you resolve any issues with your account, the best online binary options brokers will offer you a personal account manager. The account manager acts like your mentor, helping you choose the trades with the best returns. If you’re a novice trader, opening an account with a broker that offers personal account managers is therefore quite important.

Looking for a reputable online binaries broker with high returns on trades? Read our detailed brokers reviews and comparison tables.

Software, tools and indicators

Currently, there are four major trading platforms upon which many binaries option brokers are built. Each platform supports hundreds of brokers. The trading platform used determines a number of factors such as account security, the speed of trade execution and account accessibility. Some platforms also make it easier to access your account using different devices such as Smartphones. Read our detailed reviews of each trading platform and, the different broker websites on each platform.

binary option broker withdrawal proof

Deposit and withdrawal methods + Bonuses

Many brokers will accept wire transfer and credit card as their main deposit and withdrawal methods. However, if you’re looking for a convenient payment method, you should consider going for brokers that also accept e-wallet payment methods.

Additional extras

Leading brokers usually stand out due to a unique feature or service that they offer to traders.

How to avoid scam binary option brokers

The internet has made it easy for scam brokers to set up shop and make money by deceiving traders. Despite tough regulatory measures being imposed in places such as Europe, the number of scam brokers popping up online continues to rise. It’s therefore left to us traders to keep a lookout for scam brokers and warn each other about them. This is the primary reason why we created this website. To keep traders updated about the binary options trading industry as well as identifying both legit and scam brokers.

Too many traders are falling victim to unscrupulous brokers but we believe that something can be done to prevent this. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to keep track of any new developments in the industry and publish it on this site.

Avoiding scam brokers largely involves getting the right information. It can take days of online research to get enough information regarding a specific broker. However, through this site, you’ll get all that information within minutes. We also encourage your contribution regarding the brokers you’re trading with.binary options trading sites review

All our broker reviews are unbiased and based on information we gather from the broker and traders. Trader feedback is particularly important if you want to differentiate between legit brokers and scam businesses. You’ll notice that each broker review is regularly updated in order to ensure that all information we provide is up to date.

Besides learning about brokers we would recommend, you’ll also learn about brokers to keep away from. It’s worth noting that even if we recommend a particular broker, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they haven’t been subject to complaints from traders. No broker is perfect and we make it our duty to present both positive and negative features of every broker we review. In instances where traders are dissatisfied with a particular broker, we’ll provide information regarding serious complaints that we believe should concern you.

Binary options trading carries some risk. It’s therefore important that you only invest money that you’re willing to lose. Trading is serious business, it’s important that you gather as much information regarding brokers and trading strategies. These can be found in a variety of resources online.

As a binary options trader, you can expect to find comprehensive information regarding brokers you should consider investing with or avoiding totally. However, we won’t offer any trading advice or strategies. These can be found on different sites online. For purposes of full disclosure, you should know that we might earn money in the form of advertising fees from this website.

Ready to pick a reputable online binary options broker today? Read our detailed 2017 list of binaries brokers now.

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